One Side Live
No Tape Records NTRDVD 001

Watcher Of The Skies, Dance On A
Volcano, Afterglow, No Son Of
Mine, Firth Of Fifth, Back In NYC,
Hairless Heart, Abacab, Knife, In
The Cage, I Know What I Like,
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Tum It On Again, The Lamb Lies
Down On Broadway, The Musical
Box, Los Endos,

The guitarist is also the singer?No, It's not possible! This was my first reaction discovering Domino, the only four piece Genesis tribute in the world. Like it or not, it's not everyday that a cover band can reach the important goal of having one of its performances end up on an official DVD. That's what happened to this band based in Bologna, Italy who ,in April, released a dvd containing a show filmed in september 2004 in the elegant atmospher of 'Piazza Unità di ltalia' in Trleste. Forget masks and slides, forget the singer trying to imitate Peter's oice and movements, forget the costumes and the manic research of the original sounds and concentrate only on the musical aspect: four great professional players (singer/guitarist Michele Vanni

on the most demanding songs. Bonus features on the DVD comprise a live pix, with a peculiar 'quasi-dance' version of After The Ordeal as a soundtrack, and some backstage footage over a great studio rendition of Liliwhite Lilyth. These two songs, together with many others, will be released shortly on their double Cd "Digital Crymes".
You can buy the DVD here:

Stefano Tucciarelli

(translation by michele vanni)

has many a professional experience with Italian artists in his resume) driven by the passion for Gabriel era Genesis, and not only that. The dvd is very good on the technical side (excellent audio and video quality apart from a few out of sync moments) mixing video footage from the Trieste show with previous concerts and skyscrapers images on Back In NYC, fighting soldiers on The Knife etc, with tasteful and highly professional results. The show's setlist comprises 13 songs of the 'progressive era' out of 16, while the remaining three
(No Son Of Mine, Abacab and Tum It On Again) focus on the more commercial hits of the later period. Nothing to complain about the musicianship of the band who, through the whole show, plays very tight, and some serious chops even