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michele vanni
vocals, guitars
Domino is a much appreciated Genesis tribute band from Italy and the only one in the world that is made up of just four members. The band was born in 1996, when Renato and Michele, who had played together in several bands in the past, decided to find other musicians who shared the same passion for English Progressive Rock and, at last, play the music they really loved.
mario chianello
Mario was a friend of Renato’s and he joined the project immediately and after a few months, with the addition of Roberto Bernardi on drums, they begun performing in the clubs of their hometown of Bologna and recording in Michele’s studio.In the first shows they also used to play songs by ELP, King Crimson and even Toto, but they soon decided to focus on Genesis material.‘Under Construction’ was a collection of rough mixes of the studio tracks on which the band was working and it was made available for download from Domino’s website in 1999. More songs were added in the coming years and received praise and compliments from all over the world. In 2003 Roberto left the band and the first drummer who responded to their classified was Sebastian. With the new drummer the band’s performances were even more energetic: painstaking research of vintage sounds and accuracy in the musical parts combined with a flair for mixing different versions of the songs and adding a personal touch in songs endings and transitions, made their show irresistible for both diehard Genesis fans and newcomers. This is well documented in their first live DVD: ‘One Side Live’. Filmed live in Trieste on September 15, 2004, it captures a very energetic performance on a big stage in the evocative main square of the city, in front of hundreds of cheering fans. Unlike many other tributes, Domino don’t use masks or costumes, relying on Michele’s ability to carry the songs with his stage presence, a couple of funny hats and his voice ranging from Gabriel depths to Collins heights.
renato tusa
bass, guitars
The next months will see the release of their double studio CD ‘Digital Crymes’, more shows, more songs covered and more surprises. Mario has released his first solo album ‘Proxima’ and he’s working on the second one. Michele is working on an instrumental guitar album. But Domino’s greatest wish is to begin to write their own material as a band and alternate between covers and original tunes.
sebastian mannutza

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